Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow Day is a Work Day :-(

Well, I wish we could take the day off but it would put us too far behind in our campaigns so we have to trudge on. So class will go on today, but if you live out of town and can't make it in (and you've sent me an email communicating this) you don't have to loose the marks for 5% in class case for today. Both in class assignments are individual and should be emailed to me at  Here are the details:

In class assignment:
Using the newbie to town - Target Retailer as your client determine the following: (resources to help)
  1. Find the NAICS code for local business offices so that Target can purchase the proper list to promote their upcoming business product offer.
  2. Look up the house count through Canada Post to determine how many flyers they need to print for their grand opening weekend.
  3. According to PRISZM what products would be the best to promote in the grand opening flyer if they are going to focus on the immediate area around their location?
  4. Look up in the City of Kingston profiles the demographics of the area to determine number of parking spots needed, pricing point that would be most advantageous.
  5. Using Twitter & KRED determine the local trends that would be timely for messaging in the flyer.
In class lab assignment:
  1. Segment & Profile your classmates using as much as of the segmentation categories and tools that you can.
  2. Create an excel database with the appropriate fields.
  3. Populate your database.
  4. Secure your database.
  5. Email me your database without the password - send that in a seperate email.
These are due by 3:30 today.
Post questions if you have them.

PS - don't forget your client briefing notes are also due today.

Take care, stay warm, build a snowman.

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